He Attacked A Woman Alone In An Elevator But Had No Idea She Was Ready To….


There are always some dudes whose daft actions against women end up shaming the rest of us men folk. A natural reaction when a man molests a woman is for us to feel a surge of violence bubbling up. But seldom has there been instant karma delivered in the way this woman from China dealt with her molester.

Now, a satisfying video has emerged online of a woman getting her own back on a man who tried to molest her in an elevator in China.

In the footage, an unidentified man can be seen standing in the elevator with the woman and staring at her. After a while, he tries to step ahead and approach her. At one point, the man stands behind the lady and tries to grope her. She promptly turns back and shifts to the other end of the elevator.

Yet again, the man sneaks to her side and puts his hand on her shoulder. This time, the woman reacts straight away slapping the man so fiercely that he falls into the corner of the elevator.

As he starts to go towards her again, she kicks him right in the crotch before then kicking him in the face.

The pervert then falls to the floor looking as though he’s in severe pain as the elevator doors open and the woman walks out.

According to AWM:

The footage comes to us from April 24, 2016. Although it might not be brand new, it should serve as a reminder that people who are equipped with self-defense skills can help keep themselves safe from predators.

A video description on Rumble wrote, “Even though it is very satisfying to watch and see the outcome of this video, we should keep in mind that not every case of assault ends in fairness or retribution. Sometimes things don’t work out and the molesters don’t learn their lesson. Let’s hope that the story of this elevator molester getting beaten up by a woman who slaps him in the face and kicks him in the crotch will serve as a painful lesson for all those offenders out there to beware!”

The description added, “Footage shows a woman standing in an elevator checking her phone, moments before the man in the elevator begins acting inappropriately by sneaking behind her back and sliding his hand onto her shoulder. At this point, the woman has had enough and is ready to teach him a lesson.”

The video has been trending on China’s social media site Weibo, then just a few days later the video went viral worldwide:

One user shared the video saying: ‘Beautiful woman will teach you how to attack a pervert!’

Another user wrote: ‘Praise her! Great hit!’

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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