Gun Rights Orgs Issue Strong Reaction to House Federal Assault Weapons Ban Bill Passage


Travis Pike

Democrats are desperate to give something to their base that they view as positive to campaign this fall, the House of Representatives voted narrowly to resurrect a federal “assault weapons” ban last week.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi laughably claimed that the black rifle prohibition bill is not about taking away anyone’s guns.

The bill prohibits the sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. And, contrary to what the gentleman on the other side of the aisle said, it requires safe storage for lawfully owned assault weapons already in our communities. It’s not about taking guns away from people who should have them. It’s about safe storage. Do you have a problem with that? And it strongly supports our law enforcement, who are heroes, who should not have to confront weapons designed for the battlefield, but instead in our communities.

To be clear, this is a very special day in the Congress of the United States that history will record as one designed to save lives.

Of course, it is. America’s most prominent gun rights organizations reacted like this.

The Firearms Policy Coalition reported:

The House of Representatives passed H.R.1808, which would, if enacted, criminalize the lawful and constitutionally protected conduct of millions of Americans.

In a time of economic recession, gross overreach and abuse of power by the federal government, and cascading governmental policy failures at all levels, 217 depraved representatives, including the deciding votes cast by Republicans Jacobs (NY) and Fitzpatrick, voted to violate natural rights and our Constitution, choosing to promote policies that would imprison peaceable people who have done no wrong.

There is no world in which American gun owners bend the knee and comply with this evil legislation. Further, if H.R.1808 is enacted, FPC Law will swiftly and aggressively take all actions necessary to fight and enjoin the bill.

And to all of those who supported and passed this immoral legislation, we say simply this: “Fuck you. No.”

From the Second Amendment Foundation and CCRKBA:

Passage…by the U.S. House of Representatives of a ban on so-called “assault weapons” is a slap in the face to tens of millions of law-abiding firearms owners, including the 24 million citizens who lawfully own such firearms and have harmed nobody.

Supporters of this outrageous legislation have once again demonstrated their willingness to throw honest gun owners and their Second Amendment rights under the bus, rather than deal with the genuine problems of gang violence, lenient prosecutors and judges, and the weakening of our law enforcement agencies.

Today, House Democrats literally voted to penalize law-abiding gun owners for crimes they did not commit, while blaming firearms rather than criminals and their enablers. It will do nothing to reduce or prevent crime, and will instead further erode the Second Amendment, which appears to be the ultimate goal of these gun control proponents.

From Gun Owners of America:

Gun Owners of America and nine partners from the firearms industry, sent a letter to Congressional leadership, urging them to reject any “Assault Weapons” Ban.  The full letter can be viewed here.  GOA’s No Compromise Alliance is composed of business partners representing all aspects of the firearm industry, and they are dedicated to further strengthening the bonds across the industry in defense of Americans’ Second Amendment Rights.

Kaily Nieman, GOA’s Director of Development, issued the following statement:

“GOA and our industry partners believe wholeheartedly in the preservation of liberty, whether it be defending commonly-owned firearms or ensuring protections from frivolous litigation, we stand together against the unconstitutional actions of Congress. We understand firsthand the attack on our Second Amendment and we are honored to have strong partners on the frontlines of this fight.”

Aidan Johnston, GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs, added:

“It’s so exciting to see members of the industry join us in opposition to this unconstitutional bill. GOA is at the forefront of this fight, and we will continue to lobby our elected officials on Capitol Hill to reject this legislation for what it is—a direct assault on your rights.”

The first step to fighting back is to flood the Senate with petitions from angry pro-gun voters like you.

So as Congress enters its tax-payer-funded summer recess, it’s time to double down the pressure on the U.S. Senate by signing your “No Assault Weapons Ban” petition immediately.


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