Gun Control Advocates Fume After ‘Look At Me AOC’ Rant Throws Dems Into Chaos


Gun control advocates are furious with Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez after she undermined the framework being put together by a group of 20 Senators.

Ten Senators from each party have attempted to put together a “framework” to create a “common sense” gun control bill. Part of the framework would force anyone under the age of 21 to go through an extensive background check before being allowed to purchase a semi-automatic rifle. Those under 21 would be subject to a juvenile and mental health records check before the purchase can be completed.

AOC told MSNBC’s Eric Michael Garcia that the framework is “racist.”

AOC said that the framework “particularly, the juvenile criminalization, the expansion of background checks into juvenile records, I want to explore the implications of that and how specifically is designed and tailored.”

“After Columbine, we hired thousands of police officers into schools and while it didn’t prevent many of the mass shootings that we’ve seen now, it has increased the criminalization of teens in communities like mine,” she said.

AOC added that if mental health were considered before a person purchases a weapon, it would increase stigmatization. Claiming people shouldn’t blame shooting on mental health issues because there are “really deeper issues of violent misogyny and white supremacy. And while there are mental health issues.“

The rant from AOC is beginning to thwart the entire effort, and gun control advocates like Fred Guttenberg are furious.

“I do hope @AOC takes the time to talk to victims of gun violence like me and all of the different GVP groups who are largely supportive of this bill. This legislation, while not everything I would wish for, will save lives and reduce gun violence. It needs to pass,” he wrote.


AOC completely disregarded Guttenberg and blew up the framework.


There is nothing better than watching the left destroy itself.


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