GOP Senators Plan To Betray Their Base On Another Issue After Caving On Gun Control


In the dead of night, Republican Senators voted to advance a gun control bill that supports red flag laws which violate due process.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer expects the bill to pass the Senate by the end of the week after 14 Republican Senators voted to allow the bill to move forward.

In order for the bill to move to the House only ten Republicans need to vote yes.

Below are the 14 Senators that betrayed their base.


Oh but there is more, rumor in Congress is that the GOP is going to work with Democrats on an amnesty bill.

Leave it to RINOs to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

One party is literally flushing the country down the toilet and the GOP is trying to work with them.

RINOs like Graham and Cornyn worked with Democrats to quickly get the bill through the procedural vote so that the American people didn’t have time to contact their Senators and respond to the bill. What occurred was typical Washington DC uni-party dirty politics.

Now, the wizards of smart in the – who were set to sweep in the midterms – want to work with Democrats on amnesty.

Senate Republicans want to give the thumbs up to what’s going on below.


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