GOP Senate Candidate Gets A Boost After Dem Chickens Out Over The Most Childish Reasons


Pennsylvania Republican candidate Dr. Oz may actually have a chance to win his seat after his opponent official chickened out.

Democrat candidate for Senate John Fetterman is not well. Shortly before the state’s primary, he suffered a stroke, and what few public events he’s done show he has not recovered.

Fetterman’s health is so bad he makes Joe Biden sound coherent.

Fetterman has announced he will not attend a debate against Dr. Oz scheduled for September 6th.


Fetterman’s excuse for not attending the debate is that Dr. Oz was mean to him.

So the big bad union supporting Democrat candidate is now cowering because Dr. Oz said he was unhealthy. He sounds like a guy who’s lived off his parent’s money for years.

According to polling, Dr. Oz was already in striking distance, putting Fetterman between a rock and a hard place. He physically can’t handle a debate against Oz, and it would sink his chances of winning. So his campaign is rolling the dice and hoping that they can squeak out a win if they keep him in the basement as they did with Joe Biden.

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