GOP Leaves Swing State Trump Backed Gubernatorial Candidate Out To Dry


State Senator Doug Mastriano, backed by former President Trump, is being left out to dry by the Republican Party.

“The Republican Governors Association would rather see an insane extremist Democrat win in Pennsylvania than have a Republican they can’t control,” Jenna Ellis – legal adviser to Mastriano – tweeted, referring to Democrat Josh Shapiro. “Doug Mastriano’s race is MORE CRITICAL THAN EVER for freedom from BOTH SIDES!”

However, the cry was made on deaf ears.

Mastriano – who is being heavily outspent by Democrat candidate Josh Shapiro – has no plans to help the GOP candidate.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, doesn’t appear to want to spend any money in the race but is pouring money into Arizona, Michigan, and six other states.

“We’re watching Pennsylvania very closely,” Ducey said last week during a forum hosted by the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. Adding he sees a “pickup opportunity,” his group does not fund “lost causes” or “landslides.”

“So we’re in a relationship with our candidate, but we’re saying to the candidates, you have to show us something,” Ducey said. “You have to demonstrate that you can move numbers. That you can raise resources.”

During an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, Mastriano said his campaign could desperately use some cash.

“Americans, wherever you live in the world, if you’re an American citizen, you can donate to my campaign,” Mastriano said. “There are no limits in Pennsylvania.”

The National Republican Party has seemed to abandon Mastriano, and the candidate said so during a Facebook live stream.

“Really not finding a lot of support,” Mastriano said, “from the national-level Republican organizations.”

Despite his lack of funds, Mastriano is staying close to Shapiro – who is spending gobs of money – and the race is tight.

The Republican Governors Association appears to be making the same mistake they made in 2021.

New Jersey incumbent Governor Phil Murphy faced off against Republican nominee Jack Ciattarelli. The race was never supposed to be close, and Ciattarelli had no help from the GOP. Murphy was supposed to win by double digits; however, after the votes were tallied squeaked out a three-point victory. Many insiders felt that if Ciattarelli had the backing of the GOP, he could have won the election along with Glenn Youngkin.

It appears that the GOP is giving Pennsylvania to the Democrats.


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