Fox News Is At It Again! Another Dubious 180, Did The Money Dry Up?


As more and more data comes in Fox News is desperately trying to shift away from their vaccine coverage a year ago. Most notably Fox News host Sean Hannity is trying to rewrite some of his own history.

On July 19, 2022, Hannity said, “I believe in the science of vaccination.”

Below is a just one clip, but if you watched his show through 2021 the news host consistently urged people to get vaccinated.

He wasn’t alone, Dr. Marc Siegel said “the Delta variant needs to be a wake-up call to get vaccinated.”

Fox Business host Neil Cavuto has also played the vaccine game.

It was Cavuto who praised the vaccine for working after his second infection.

Then around mid-August 2022, something happened, the new network started to dump on the vaccine.

Hannity also denies that he told people to get vaccinated. In fairness to Sean, he express that he honored people’s medical decisions.

What caused the sudden shift? It appears that the money has dried up from big pharma and the Biden administration.

A Freedom of Information Act filed by reporters at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze found that Fox News and Newsmax took money to push the mRNA vaccines along with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. That money is gone now so it appears Fox News is trying to pivot.

Emerald Robinson 



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