Florida Man Who Directed Woman to Sexually Abuse Child as Part of Twisted ‘Master-Slave’ Relationship Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison


Robert Dunn via Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Robert Dunn via Florida Department of Law Enforcement

A convicted sex offender has been sentenced in a child pornography case to 50 years in prison after he directed a woman to sexually abuse a young boy.

Robert Dunn, 46, voiced remorse through an attorney, but prosecutors swatted that aside. The government, arguing that the defendant had only engaged in self-pity, said that the Dunn did not apologize to the children or their loved ones harmed in this case.

Co-defendant Tonya Bagley, 44, was previously sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Florida resident Dunn met her online when she had been living in Colorado, the United States Department of Justice said in a press statement.

“In November 2019, Robert Dunn and Tonya Bagley began chatting on social media and developed a consensual, online ‘master-slave’ relationship,” the DOJ said. “Bagley and Dunn, both in their early forties, agreed that Bagley would photograph herself performing oral sex on a young boy. Bagley, who was in Colorado, did so and sent the child sexual abuse images to Dunn in Lake Worth, Florida through a social media messenger application.”

Authorities said that Dunn landed on their radar in this case after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children sent authorities a tip, leading to his home in Lake Worth, Florida. Investigators executed a search warrant on the residence on March 10, 2020, prosecutors wrote.

Dunn is a sex offender in Florida and had served six years in prison for a count each of traveling to meet a minor to commit an unlawful sexual offense, and lewd and lascivious battery sex with a victim 12 to 15 years old, records show. According to a federal sentencing memo, he had communicated with someone online,…


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