FL School District Will Now Carry Long Guns to ‘Meet Violence With Violence’


A Florida school district is taking steps to avoid a situation like the severe police failings during the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

My hometown of Brevard County is not about to let that happen, and I could not be more proud.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey has announced that some school resource officers will carry long guns on district campuses.

The sheriff posted a video announcing the measure and explaining its motivation.

“You are not coming into my schools and killing our children,” Ivey said in the video. “I firmly believe that if you do not meet violence with violence, you will be violently killed.”

Sheriff Ivey wrote in the post, “While I pray it never happens, I can assure you that our Brevard County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Deputies are prepared to win the battle to protect our children and teachers!!”

He also quoted Sun Tzu, writing, “every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.”

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Sheriff’s school resource officers will also have new uniforms with a “tactical appearance that signifies that we mean business.”

Russell Bruhn, a spokesperson for Brevard Public Schools, told Florida Today that when it comes to decisions about law enforcement, they “leave that to the experts.”

“The sheriff is kind of our go-to when it comes to school security,” Bruhn said. “He’s our expert. He’s the one that we trust and the one we work with to kind of set the tone for what is needed on our campuses to make sure that our staff and our students are safe and to make sure that all of our SROs can respond to whatever they face each day.”

Brevard county is doing exactly what every county should do in our nation.

Our kids need to be protected and feel safe while in school.

That is where money should be going to and NOT to arm IRS agents.



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