Female Athlete Takes A Stand After Trans Scandal, ‘I’m Done Being Silent’


Taylor Silverman is one of the best female skateboarders in the nation and she has decided to take a stand after she took 2nd place in a skate competition to a biological male competitor that has identified as female.

Redbull had invested the female skater to take part in a competition only to lose to a trans competitor that one first place in every category.

“The trans competitor who won took $1000 in qualifiers, $3000 in finals, and $1000 in bet trick. This totaled to $5000. of prize money meant for the female athletes.”

She added, “I took $1000 in qualifiers and $1750 for second place.”

Silverman also added that the woman who actually deserved the $1,000 for best trick took home nothing.

Taylor Silverman Instagram

“A biological man with a clear advantage won the women’s division, best trick, and also won multiple qualifiers,” She wrote to Redbull. “This took away the opportunity that was meant for women to place and earn money. I understand that in today’s society even some women think this is acceptable, but I believe in doing the right thing even if it’s not the popular thing.”

Taylor is risking it all because she could be blacklisted from taking part in future competitions.

Silverman was immediately attacked by the “tolerant left” below are some of the comments she received (Silverman is Jewish):

”lol or you could just … be better at skating & actually win the already fair contest?”

“Sounds like you’re just not as good as you think you are ”

“get better and stop complaining about ‘only’ taking home $2750 lmfao what a joke”



“Transphobic and probably Pro Israel colonizing Palestine.”

“Nobody is mad your Jewish. Stop being mad people are Trans.”

“Good job at being a horrible person. 🥇”

“Maybe if you were good you’d get first but you were weighed down by the transphobia yeah”


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