False ‘White Power’ Gesture at Don Jr. Court Appearance Triggers Leftists – The Conservative


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Amid the Wednesday appearance of Don Jr. at a hearing in the civil trial of the Trump Organization, a wave of anti-Trump critics flooded Twitter, spreading a fringe conspiracy against a police officer. 

These accounts claimed that the officer had thrown what was described as a white supremacist hand sign, identified as the emblem of the Three Percenters, an anti-government militia group.

In reality, the full video footage displayed the officer inquiring about the number of individuals entering the courthouse as Don. Jr., along with his attorney and police escort, entered the building.

Despite video evidence suggesting otherwise, the falsehood continued to gain traction on the platform, prompting a torrent of outrage from left-wing users.  

One such user, “JoeKamalaTicket,” tweeted, “On @MSNBC we just witnessed a cop who threw donald j trump Junior [sic] the white pride fingers as he ascended the courthouse steps. He needs to be fired.” 

The same account shared a video of the alleged sign, gathering significant attention and fueling the flames of the baseless accusation, reaching nearly half a million views and over 4,000 reactions.

Further amplifying the allegation, another Twitter account posted the video and reached over 1 million views, “What the hell is this sign? Watch the officer! OMG!” Another page added, “Did a NYPD cop flash a 3 Percenter sign at Don Jr. when he was walking up to the courthouse.” 

David Rodriguez, a self-proclaimed leftist podcast host, also joined the fray, sharing a photo of the officer and demanding, “This police offer flashed the white power sign to Don Jr.  Should that officer be fired?” 

Don Jr.’s appearance in Manhattan was in response to a summons in the case led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who accused the Trump Organization of inflating property values.



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