“Every Time Someone Ascended, He Would Knife Them in the Back” – Rep. Nancy Mace TELLS ALL on Kevin McCarthy’s Sinister Actions During Speaker Fight (VIDEO)


On Thursday, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) joined Steve Bannon on The War Room following the election of conservative outsider Mike Johnson as House Speaker on Wednesday.

Rep. Mace was among the eight Republicans who voted to remove Kevin McCarthy after a mere nine months as Speaker.

It took multiple ballots from House Republicans before the caucus was able to come to a consensus on a Speaker.

Matt Gaetz and Nancy Mace have since revealed that Kevin McCarthy had been working covertly to prevent any potential contenders, such as Jim Jordan, from being elected.

Rep. Nancy Mace: I just want to be clear, and I think Mac Eight clarified this yesterday. This almost didn’t happen because the disgraced former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, every time someone ascended, he would knife them in the back and they couldn’t become speaker. But thank God we have now Mike Johnson, who is a strong conservative, a man of faith, and someone who’s going to work hard. And guess what? He’s not a part of the establishment. He’s not a part of one of K Street’s favorites, right?… The eight of us and others held the line, and we got us to where we are today. And this is a new direction, a new day for America…

…This thing didn’t need to last through three weeks. So the first thing that McCarthy and his allies did was prolong it and delay it and recess us and adjourn us every time they possibly could to drag this thing out and make it as painful as possible. For the eight of us who held the line and kicked McCarthy out of the speakership, that’s number one. Number two, there was a concerted and orchestrated effort at the hand of McCarthy that every time someone ascended, they got knifed in the back, including America’s favorite Republican congressman in Jim Jordan. I mean, our conference couldn’t even elect the best and favorite congressman in this country, Jim Jordan, because of what McCarthy and his allies were doing behind the scenes and orchestrating his failure.



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