Driver who allegedly ran red light and killed family in Memorial Day crash charged with murder


Susan Campbell, Tyler Campbell and Miles Campbell

Susan Campbell, Tyler Campbell and Miles Campbell (left inset in an obituary photo), (right) the scene of the deadly crash (WRAL/screengrab)

A young Garner, North Carolina, family of three died in a Memorial Day crash that was allegedly caused by a speeding driver who ran a red light while under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. Now, the suspect faces murder charges.

Authorities in Wake County allege that Tyler Campbell, 28, his wife Susan Campbell, 29, and their son Miles Campbell, 8, all lost their lives because 25-year-old Jordan Alexander Porter drank beers at a bowling alley and smoked marijuana at home before getting behind the wheel of his Chevy Trailblazer and driving at 82 mph in a 45 mph zone on U.S. 70 while on his way to work in the early afternoon.

The details about the bowling alley beers and subsequent cannabis consumption before going to work were provided to authorities by the defendant’s wife, according to search warrants cited by WRAL. The local NBC affiliate also reported that Porter has faced numerous traffic violation cases over the years, including in connection with another crash.

According to Tuesday grand jury indictments obtained by Law&Crime, Alexander “unlawfully, willfully, and feloniously did of malice aforethought kill and murder” each of the Campbells when he drove while “impaired” at a high rate of speed before running the red light and crashing into the victims’ Mazda.

Court documents additionally said that Alexander was driving his Trailblazer with “with an open container of alcoholic beverage after drinking.”

An obituary for the Campbells said that they were beloved by all who knew them, especially by their large extended family.

According to the obit, Tyler, a North Carolina State University graduate and technology liaison by profession, ran “many 5-K races, including the London Marathon and recently signed up to run the Chicago Marathon”; Susan, a North Carolina State University grad who thereafter earned a nursing degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, worked as a registered nurse; Miles just finished the second grade and “loved playing baseball.”

“Miles and his mother would make care packages and distribute them to the homeless community as a project they worked on together,” the victims’ loved ones detailed.

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Tyler’s grandfather Bill Campbell said in a Facebook post that his grandson died at the scene of the crash, that Susan “died in surgery a couple hours later,” and that Miles was left “brain dead and pronounced dead the next evening.”

The timeline matches what the Garner Police Department said publicly about the horrific crash.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Miles Campbell, 8 years old, has died from his injuries,” cops said the day after the crash. “We are mourning with those that are suffering from this tragic loss of life.”

Bill Campbell said that Miles donated his organs so that others might live.

“Miles’ organs were transplanted and have thus far save 4 other lives. Both Tyler and Susan were organ donors, so we feel this appropriate,” the grieving grandfather said. “This is absolutely the hardest week of my life.”

“These three were amazing people and we will always have 3 holes in our hearts. There is no way I can explain how devastated we are. Funeral arrangements are still under way,” he added. “Please keep us in prayer.”

The court database reviewed by Law&Crime showed that Porter is accused of several offenses on top of the murder charges, including reckless driving, speeding, failure to stop at a red light, driving with an expired registration, possession of marijuana paraphernalia, driving with an open container of alcohol, and driving the Chevy Trailblazer with an expired inspection.

A Wednesday order in Wake County Superior Court said that Porter’s bond was “pre-set” at $3 million and that the defendant was ordered not to contact the victims’ families.

Court records also said that defense lawyer Karl Knudsen is the attorney of record for Porter. Law&Crime reached out to him for comment.

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