Don’t Fall for This Misleading Propaganda….


This is terrifying. I’m sure you didn’t know… They’re all reading from the same script when it comes to condemning “misinformation” and duping you into believing the propaganda they read every day and night is the truth.

It’s not just “Fox” new local stations. These are CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and who knows how many additional local news organizations.

They have the exact same tone of speech.

Simply believe the fake news narratives such as COVID (wear your masks and get your jabs! ), January 6th (insurrection!!!! ), and “the border is secure” (nobody has made it more secure!). Last but not least, is the so-called “gun violence” issue (which is more often than not GANG VIOLENCE).

I’ve long contended that mainstream media peeps are nothing more than hard-left activists with bylines.

Maybe it’s even worse than that.


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