Dems Sinks To A New Dirty Low: Leak Of Very Personal Records About GOP Candidate. But Karma Comes Back To Haunt Them


It doesn’t get any dirty than this in politics.

Indiana Republican congressional candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green is running against Democrat incumbent congressman Frank Mrvan. The Republican candidate is an Air Force veteran and has a shot at winning the district. As the polls narrowed in the traditionally blue district, Democrats got desperate and leaked her military records because there was some mystery surrounding one of her deployments.

Green, an Air Force Academy graduate who was an officer in a special investigations unit – which “identifies, investigates and neutralizes criminal, terrorist and espionage threats” – career was stellar until December 15, 2009. In an evaluation of her performance from March 15, 2009, to December 15, 2009, she received a “does not meet standards” rating in her leadership evaluation.

One of the infractions was loading a weapon inside a military facility, and the other was “wandering a way while at a [forward operation base].”

The first infraction was just counseling, but the second occurred when she was touring a national training center in Iraq while on deployment. Green was inspecting a guard tower when an Iraqi service member sexually assaulted her by touching her chest and exposing himself.

From Politico:

In the first case, she was given a letter of counseling for loading her weapon inside a military facility. The second more serious incident occurred in September, according to her military records, when she and a small group of officers visited the national training center. She left the group to climb into a cramped guard tower where Green says an Iraqi serviceman sexually assaulted her by grabbing her breast and exposing himself.

She said she was advised not to report the assault by a staff sergeant, who was also a military equal opportunity representative. He told her that “if American leadership complained to Iraqi leadership, they would continue to see women as liabilities and limit their ability to serve….”

The poor evaluation, which was performed by someone who was not in Iraq with Green, affected her ability to rise in the ranks and in 2012 she was removed from active duty as part of a larger force reduction, according to her records. Green has appealed the evaluation, citing supporting letters from her superiors stationed in Iraq. Her direct supervisor, a senior agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, wrote in her appeal that she “did an outstanding job in her duties; I did not question her leadership, judgment or professional skills.”

Green has never publically spoken about her assault and has moved on in life. Green nor the Air Force denied the documents and never denied that the GOP candidate’s career was derailed after the assault.

“We remain committed to building a culture of respect, where sexual assault and harassment are not tolerated in any form, and we will do this by supporting victims and prosecuting offenders through the Uniform Code of Military Justice,” an Air Force spokesman said.

During the campaign, Green has never played the victim. If it weren’t for dirty politics, no one would have ever known that she was punished for being assaulted during the Obama-Biden administration.

Since the story was released, the left’s hope of discrediting the GOP candidate has now backfired. Additionally, Mrvan refuses to comment.

Politico | Washington Examiner 


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