Dems Panic After One Of Their ‘Superstars’ Is Getting Their Clock Cleaned In Race For Governor


She was hailed as a “master strategist” behind the state going blue. However, Democrats are panicking because their girl Stacey Abrams is getting her clock cleaned against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

With a couple of months to go, the woman who claimed in 2018 that the election was stolen from her is 10 points behind Kemp in the polls, and that margin continues to grow.

Democrats are getting nervous that Abrams isn’t going to be able to deliver, and local Democrats admit she’s losing steam.

“Right now, people are concerned — kind of looking sideways,” said Erick Allen, a Democratic state representative. “There’s a lot of energy around the Warnock campaign. I’m not sure if the same energy that we had four years ago is around the Abrams campaign yet.”

There isn’t any energy around Warnock, either. GOP candidate Hershal Walker is also beginning to pull away from the Democrat incumbent in the polls.

From the New York Times:

Democrats have largely kept quiet on their concerns about Ms. Abrams’s campaign. But several county elected officials and community leaders in Georgia have privately expressed their worries to the campaign directly, according to interviews with more than two dozen Democratic officials who asked not to be named discussing private conversations. They have complained that the campaign was slow to reach out to key constituencies and underestimated Mr. Kemp’s strength in an already difficult year for Democratic candidates.

Her campaign has begun a series of conversations with Black men, calling the events “Stacey and the Fellas.” The policy-heavy discussions, aimed especially at younger or infrequent voters, are often moderated by community members or local celebrities, like the Atlanta rapper Yung Joc and radio personality Big Tigger. At one recent event, she said bluntly: “If Black men vote for me, I’ll win Georgia.”

Her outreach has not won over Democratic skeptics.

Even the Times admits Abrams is the face of the Democratic party in Georgia, and she is failing miserably.

Democrats are failing in Georgia, period.

Walker has surged from five points behind Warnock (an incumbent) to a slim two-point lead in just a few weeks. Meanwhile, Kemp has surged from an 8-point lead in the polls to almost 10. There are still two months to go, which is an eternity in politics, but it can’t be denied the Democrat’s biggest star is a failure.


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