Dems Jaws Drop After A Political Earthquake In Blue Fortress


It’s being called a political earthquake and it has Democrats scared to death.

In under a year, residents of San Francisco have rejected a woke school board and are now dumping one of the most progressive prosecutors in the nation.

District Attorney Chesa Boudin, whose policies have turned the city into a third-world country has been recalled. Returns show that at least 60% of voters wanted the son of two Weather Underground terrorists gone. The Soros-funded DA was elected in 2019 and aligned with BLM promising to reform the criminal justice system.

Of course, Boudin blamed his recall on “right-wing billionaires.”

“People are angry, they’re frustrated, and I want to be very clear about what happened tonight: The right-wing billionaires outspent us three to one, they exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset, and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadowboxing,” Boudin said. “Voters were not given an opportunity to choose between criminal justice reform and something else. They were given an opportunity to voice their frustrations and their outrage and they took that opportunity.”

They never take responsibility for their own failures. Boudin’s recall was a direct result of his woke policies.

The excuses coming from Democrats are absolutely hilarious, apparently, San Francisco – the home of Nancy Pelosi – is too conservative.

In Los Angeles, Rick Caruso will face off with Karen Bass for the Mayor’s race in November, and Caruso – a moderate – is expected to beat the very progressive Bass.



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