Dems Devastated: Georgia Poll Destroys Their Midterm Misinformation


Recently there was a lot of news that the Democrats had closed the gap on the generic ballot for the midterms and that Joe Biden was getting momentum.

We aren’t kidding the screenshot below is from NPR:

Yup, “winning” before the midterms is hiring 87,000 IRS agents during one of the worst economies in the history of the nation. “Winning” is also passing a bill called the “inflation reduction act” that doesn’t reduce inflation.


Fortunately, Democrats aren’t “winning” as a matter of fact, new polling data in Georgia show they are about to lose significantly.

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams is about to lose in a landslide, and radical incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock isn’t doing much better.

Currently, Abrams is trailing Governor Brian Kemp by eight points, and she cannot close that gap. Additionally, Warnock is trailing Republican candidate for Senate Herschel Walker and continues to slide in the polls. Over the past few months, his polling has slid from 50% to 43.6%.

From the Phillips Academy:

Warnock is leading by 64% among Black voters even though both Warnock and Walker are African American. Warnock also has strong support among low-income and urban voters, where he leads by 23% and 16% respectively. Conversely, Walker receives most of his support from rural voters, where he is up by 20%. Georgia’s suburban voters, a key voting block in the 2020 election, favor Walker by 5.1%.

The suburbs flipped the Georgia Senate race, but now that they are disillusioned with the Democrat party and are swinging right.

In 2020, many of Georgia’s rural voters stayed home during the Senate race furious over how the state handled the presidential election. However, data shows they are back and combined with suburban voters Walker may have at least a five-point advantage.

Additionally, there is one other thing that is missing in these polls.

All of them were done before former President Donald Trump’s residence was raided, just wait until those polls come out.


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