Democrats Blocked Trump’s Secret Service Driver from Telling the Truth



Just the News reported this week that the Democratic January 6th Commission blocked former President Donald Trump’s Secret Service driver from correcting the record about a false story that Trump lunged toward his security detail when he was informed that he would not be taken to the Capitol following the Jan. 6, 2021, Stop the Steal rally.

The phony story about Trump allegedly lunging at the Secret Service was told by his former staffer Cassidy Hutchinson, who became the “star witness” for the Jan. 6 Committee—garnering herself a lucrative book deal in the process. Hutchinson told her lies about Trump publicly at a congressional hearing in June 2022.


Citing evidence from Rep. Barry Loudermilk, who’s leading a House GOP investigation into Jan. 6, Just the News reported Tuesday that Trump’s Secret Service driver wanted to immediately refute Hutchinson upon hearing her bogus story. But the Jan. 6 Commission reportedly blocked him from testifying for months, according to Loudermilk.

“We found out for the first time that the driver had been offering to come in and testify under oath as far back as just a few weeks after Cassidy made these claims, but the select committee would not bring them in,” Loudermilk told Just the News.

“We’re talking about the driver of the limousine, and the head of the entire protective detail. They were brought in by the select committee to testify, but they weren’t brought in until November,” he said.

Loudermilk’s House Administration’s Subcommittee on Oversight has identified numerous contradictions in Hutchinson’s testimony. The subcommittee said in a March report that she conducted three transcribed interviews with the Select Committee before substantially revising her story in her fourth transcribed interview.

Despite that, Democrats have still promoted Hutchinson’s account of Jan. 6 as fact.

“Reps. [Bennie] Thompson and [Liz] Cheney were aware that the Secret Service agent driving the SUV on January 6 directly refuted Hutchinson‘s testimony. Despite this, they still included her testimony in the Final Report and insisted it was credible,” the Loudermilk report said.



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