Dem Senate Candidate Is Panicking After The Media Accidentally Exposes His Ruse


You know if the focus at NBC News can’t ignore how terrible you are things aren’t looking good.

An NBC News reporter told host Lester Holt that before the interview Pennsylvania candidate for Senate John Fetterman – who just had a serious stroke – was unable to understand what she was saying until they brought in a closed captioning system.

One clip in particular was so bad that even a reporter at the New York Times couldn’t ignore it.

“This is a rough clip for ⁦@JohnFetterman, will only fuel questions about his health,” New York Times correspondent Jonathan Martin reacted.

Ed O’Keefe from CBS News said, “An important interview with top Senate contender. Will Pennsylvanians be comfortable with someone representing them who had to conduct a TV interview this way?”

Fetterman is making Joe Biden sound like a scholar.

The Democrat candidate’s wife was furious over the backlash condemning Burns.

But you can’t ignore that Fetterman appears to have some serious problems. Just watch the clip below.

The report was damaging that Fetterman’s wife is demanding that NBC retrain their reporter.



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