Days After Biden’s ‘Watch Me’ Challenge A Scary Video Emerges


During President Biden’s trainwreck interview on 60 Minutes, Joe was asked about his mental health.

Scott Pelly asked Biden to respond to claims that his mental health is not well.

“Watch me. And ma– honest to God, that’s all I think. Watch me. If you think I don’t have the energy level or the mental acuity, then– then, you know, that’s one thing,” Biden said. “It’s another thing, you just watch and– and, you know, keep my schedule. Do what I’m doing. I– I think that– you know– I don’t– when I sit down with our NATO allies and keep ’em together, I don’t have ’em saying, ‘Wait a minute, w– how– how old are you? What are you– what say?’ You know, I mean, it’s a matter of, you know, that old expression: The proof of the pudding’s in the eating. I mean, I– I– I respect the fact that people would say, you know, ‘You’re old.’ And– but I think it relates to h– how much energy you have, and whether or not the job you’re doing is one consistent with what any person of any age would be able to do.”

Pelly asked, “How would you say your mental focus is?”

“Oh, it’s focused. I’d say it’s– I think it’s– I– I haven’t– look, I have trouble even mentioning, even saying to myself, my own head, the number of years,” the President said. “I no more think of myself as being as old as I am than fly. I mean, it’s just not– I haven’t– observed anything in terms of– there’s not things I don’t do now that I did before, whether it’s physical, or mental, or anything else.”

Less than a week after Biden uttered those words, he got incredibly lost on stage, and it looked terrible.



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