College Student Fights Back Against Armed Robber


Female college student fights back against armed robber and yanks magazine from gun — as man watches just feet away

Ny Post reports

Wild video shows a female University of Chicago student fighting back against an armed robber, amazingly yanking the magazine out of her attacker’s firearm — as a man sitting feet away watches without helping.

The heroic 21-year-old economics senior, only identified by the first name Madelyn, was one of three students from the university held up at gunpoint just moments apart on Wednesday.

“I see a man in a ski mask coming toward me, and I attempt to keep walking,” Madelyn told NBC Chicago.

A blonde woman and a masked man fighting on a sidewalk.

Madelyn tussled with the suspect for a few moments as she glanced wildly around her, seemingly imploring a passerby to intervene — with a male student instead just watching while he sat on the ground just feet away, surveillance footage showed.

The armed assailant was “grabbing for my phone and I am kinda pulling it behind my back,” she recalled.

“In the tussle, I was able to take the magazine out of his gun, and I tossed it into a bush,” she added.

“But at the moment, I didn’t know what I was grabbing.”

In the end, the robber made off with Madelyn’s phone, though police later found both the device and the magazine she tossed.


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