Buckle Your Seatbelt: The Left Has A New Word To Explain Away The Economy & It’s A Doozy


There’s a new phrase that we notice pop up on CNN, and that means the DNC machine is trying to explain away the economy.

As you know, the White House is doing everything in its power not to use the word “recession.” According to Joe Biden, everything is fine.

On September 13, 2022, Biden told a crowd, “today offers proof that the soul of America is vibrant. The future of America is bright and the promise of America is real.”

As he spoke, news broke that rent and food prices continue to soar.

About ten days later, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked why the President continues celebrating the economy as it worsens.

In response, all she could do was talk about the weather.

After claiming the Inflation Reduction Act would save America, she began to speak about how the funds used to fight climate change in the Act have kept the hurricane season mild.

“As we are talking about extreme weather, I’ve gotten multiple questions on Puerto Rico and what the people — people of Puerto Rico, our brothers and sisters, are going through; what may happen in this hurricane season.  A lot of that is — is going to be helped by the work that this President has done — Bipartisan Infrastructure Law; again, the Inflation Reduction Act,” KJP said.

By September 27, 2022, the stock market briefly fell to close at its lowest level since 2020. Joe Biden is so bad that the economy had dropped to the point when society was shut down for a month (depending on which state you lived in).

Meanwhile, the Fed is trying to brace Americans from serious economic hardship ahead until inflation is under control.

With reality hitting Democrats in the face, they have crafted a new word…We aren’t in a recession. We are in a “growth recession.”

From CNN:

The new aim appears to be for a so-called growth recession: A prolonged period of meager growth and rising unemployment. The pain is sharper and lasts longer than that of a soft landing, but a “growth” recession doesn’t pull the entire economy into contraction the way a proper recession would. It looks like a recession, and feels like a recession, but it isn’t a recession — at least not officially.

They are bending over backward not to admit that Biden took a recovering economy and drove it into the ground.


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