‘Boozy Burglar’ nabs cocktail ingredients in early-morning apartment burglary: Sheriff


The so-called “Boozy Burglar” seen allegedly taking a bottle of vodka and a bottle of orange juice from a victim’s apartment in Florida (images via Polk County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office).

A Florida burglar apparently felt he had no choice but to turn himself in after security footage caught him entering his victim’s apartment and walking out with ingredients for a cocktail.

The so-called “Boozy Burglar” must have been in the mood for a screwdriver — a mix of vodka and orange juice — when he allegedly broke into an apartment in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

“On November 23rd, at about 5:30am, the man in this video entered into an apartment,” law enforcement said in a description of the video, posted to Facebook on Friday. “Problem is, it wasn’t his apartment. Even more problematic was that he stole something from the apartment.”

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office identified the suspect as Toby Foster Jr., 26.

The victim told the sheriff’s office that the suspect used a “secondary door” that they didn’t know was unlocked, according to the statement.

“The unknown suspect walked in, uninvited of course, then walked back out with a bottle of Svedka vodka and a bottle of Florida’s Natural Orange Juice,” the Facebook post said. “That’s right, this burglar stole the ingredients to make a screwdriver and left. Detectives say he tried to open the door of the apartment across the hallway, but it was locked, and he left.”

Video shows the man, wearing a button-down shirt and a baseball cap, entering the apartment from the outside. When he subsequently emerges from the darkened room, clutching a half-full bottle of orange juice and a bottle of vodka tucked under his left arm, he looks both ways before continuing his early-morning walk down the hall.

The sheriff’s office said the total value of the purloined good was around $35.

In an update to the post, the sheriff’s office said the suspect “turned himself in and was booked into jail” for the burglary.

Polk County officials did not immediately respond to Law&Crime’s request for additional information.

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