Bodycam footage shows arrest of man accused of trying to use candy in kidnap attempt


Police in Oklahoma have released body camera footage of a man they say tried to use candy to kidnap a teenager.

Edgar Ordones, 42, is behind bars on kidnapping charges for allegedly attempting to abduct an unidentified juvenile. According to a police report reviewed by Law&Crime, Ordones approached the boy at a local store in Meridian, some 40 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, on Sept. 18.

The victim “was looking at the drinks when a Hispanic male with short black hair and a side tooth that was gold plated walked up to him,” the police report says. The victim said the man asked what he was looking at, and the victim responded that he was looking at drinks.

The target’s name and age were redacted from the police report. Local Fox affiliate KOKH reported that the would-be kidnapping victim is a teenager. The victim told police he took a picture of the suspect’s license plate.

“[The victim] said the male told him he would get him a drink,” the police report says. After the juvenile picked the drink for Ordones to buy, the police report said that Ordones then walked up to the counter with him.

The report said the suspect gave the victim a piece of candy, and he took it and ate a few bites of it.

“[The victim] said that it did not taste right so he spit it out,” the report said.

As the victim left the store, Ordones allegedly went with him, allegedly telling the teenager that he needed to get into his car. A witness, identified in the police report only as “RP,” intervened.

“RP said he yelled at [the victim] and told him don’t get in that car,” the police report says. The victim then ran toward the witness as Ordones drove away to an apartment complex across the street.

Police body camera footage shows Ordones being apprehended later that day.

Records indicate that Ordones remains in custody at the Oklahoma County Detention Center. He has a hearing scheduled for Oct. 24.

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