Blockbuster Report On mRNA Vax Spells Doom For The Regime, The Biden Admin Has Some Explaining To Do…


It’s no wonder Dr. Fauci is retiring because the regime will have some explaining to do after a new bombshell peer-reviewed report.

A complex new paper has been filed by Japanese researchers who discovered that the mRNA vaccines probably increase the risk of Omicron infection. The “results suggest that the rapid spread of Omicron around the world may in part result from the lack of cross-neutralization against Omicron and some ADE activity of sera after vaccination.”


Cue the lawsuits…

As more and more research like this is discovered, companies that forced vaccine mandates will get hammered. Even the Biden administration could face numerous lawsuits for demanding contractors and government employees be vaccinated.

In other areas of the country, the suits have already started, and employees are scoring victories.

For example, healthcare workers for a network in Illinois will be awarded a $10 million payout af

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci “took over” the HHS social media account to demand people get their shots.

Recently, the country of Denmark banned COVID shots for just about everyone under the age of 50. Only those deemed “higher risk of becoming severely ill” from COVID-19 under 50 will be prescribed the mRNA jab. The ban was announced at the same time the country announced “a large wave of infection” would be coming in the next few months.

That means the Danes aren’t ending the vaccine doses because COVID has disappeared but because officials believe people are better off without them.


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