BLM Thug Protester Pulled Gun, Cocked The Hammer Back On Innocent Bystander!


On Saturday, the BLM thugs were again out in the streets to protest the officer-involved shooting of Patrick Lyoya, a black man who was fatally shot after violently resisting arrest last week.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported the incident involving Lyoya:

Various videos of the scene show Lyoya, 26, and another passenger being pulled over in a residential neighborhood.

Lyoya exits his vehicle despite the officer yelling at him to “stay in the car” repeatedly.

After some back-and-forth over a license plate and driver’s license, the officer chases Lyoya and the two end up on the ground fighting over a taser gun.

The officer repeatedly tells Lyoya to “let go of the taser” – shortly after another struggle, the cop shoots Lyoya in the head.


Patrick Lyoya has a long criminal history, including a conviction for assaulting a pregnant woman in Kentwood, Michigan.

It doesn’t matter that Lyoya resisted arrest and previously assaulted a pregnant woman, BLM is out demanding justice and threatening innocent drivers.

And now, the violent Far-left protesters blocked the street in Grand Rapids and threatened a driver with a gun.

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One protester cocked his pistol and threatened to shoot a motorist trying to pass through the protest.


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