Black Prof. Calls for ‘Algorithmic Reparations’ after Too Many Tinder Rejections – The Conservative


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A University of Michigan professor said that “sexual racism” is a problem that racial minorities are facing while using dating apps.

Apryl Williams researched online dating algorithms and how they impact racial minorities, for which she won an “Anti-Racism Research & Community Impact Faculty Fellowship” through the university where she works, according to the College Fix.

Aside from her project that was titled “No More Swipe Wrongs: Teaching About Automated Sexual Racism through Online Dating Tools,” she also released a book on the same topic to earn more money off of the racial topic.

“If socially constructed racialized beliefs about attractiveness, femininity and masculinity are so deeply entrenched in our society, how can the algorithms that govern our online intimacy experiences claim to avoid them,” Williams said, according to a university news release.

The university in Ann Arbor, Mich., also gave her money for her work on “algorithmic reparations.”

A Drexel University business professor Stanley Ridgley who recently wrote a book about leftist ideology in higher education said that “this type of research is par for the course,” according to the Fix.

“There’s a burgeoning pseudo-academic cottage industry in the discovery of new variants of ‘racism,’ and this El Dorado seems to have no end in sight,” he said.

Ridgley also added that race-obsessed leftists constantly come up with different types of racism.

“I’ve tracked the steady multiplying of various ‘racisms’ for several years now — we’re at more than 25 ‘racisms’ and still counting — and Professor Williams adds yet another to the list. She’s searching for ‘racism,’ eh? No surprise that she ‘found’ it,” he said.

Ridgley then said that the whole point behind that formula is to “contrive one’s very own ‘racism,’ to name it, and then to mine the racial vein for years thereafter.”

“Virtually her entire oeuvre consists of racialist storytelling in cargo cult journals, such as the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, Ethnicities, and Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,” he said.

After that, Ridgley highlighted that there are some universities, like West Virginia University, that are “cutting genuine academic disciplines just to keep the lights on” while other universities constantly spend a lot of money on the “racialist silliness, where the juice is just not worth the squeeze.”



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