Biden’s Latest ‘Ultra MAGA’ Scapegoat Immediately Swings Back With a Devastating Response


Biden tried to create a new scapegoat after his abortion diversion failed but it’s already come back to haunt him.

After failing to blame inflation on Putin, Biden is now claiming that it is all the Republican’s fault and specifically targeted Senator Rick Scott from Florida.

Biden’s inflation speech was so bad that the Wall Street Journal called him “President Constanza.”

The President personally attacked Scott’s “Restore America” plan which isn’t perfect but…you know…it’s actually a plan.

Biden said that the Republicans want to raise taxes (not true) and attacked Scott.

“Their plan has actually made working families — is going to make working families poorer,” Biden said. “You don’t have to take my word for it; it’s in writing.   They’ve made their intentions perfectly clear.”

“Senator Rick Scott of Wisconsin [Florida], a member of the Senate Republican leadership, laid it all out in a plan.  It’s the Ultra-MAGA Agenda,” Joe added.

The strikeout was a Biden gaffe that the White House corrected after he mistakenly said Scott was from Wisconsin. The strike was done by the White House and to preserve the record we will not alter it. 

Senator “Ultra-MAGA” Scott embraced the attack and then cut an ad destroying Biden who’s only plan for inflation is his tax cut plan that has already been rejected.

Scott’s ad hammers Biden asking, “How do you destroy America’s economy? Look around.” He goes on to slam Biden, Harris and woke Democrats. Scott says Washington, D.C. hates his plan and “that is how you know it’s good.” Then he puts the website on the screen.”

The ad was paid for by Rick Scott for Florida.

Biden was given an economy that was recovering and he has driven it into the ground.

Well, Joe, your approval numbers say otherwise.



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