Biden’s Latest Teleprompter Gaffe Takes The Cake


President Joe Biden spoke recently about his student loan scam, which turned into a mess.

It appears that Biden is even struggling to use a giant teleprompter and sounds more like the fictitious character Ron Burgundy played by Will Farrel.

During the speech, Biden explained that the student loan relief portal went through testing and attacked Republicans.

“Now, let’s talk about who is against helping millions of hardworking middle-class Americans. Republican members of Congress and Republican governors are trying to do everything they can to deny this relief, even to their own constituents,” Biden said. “As soon as I announced my administration’s student debt plan, they started attacking it, saying all kinds of things. Their outrage is wrong and it’s hypocritical.”

“I will never apologize for helping working Americans and middle-class people as they recover from the pandemic, especially not the same Republicans who voted for a $2 trillion tax cut in the last administration — mainly benefitting the wealthiest Americans and the largest corporations — and didn’t pay for a penny of it and racked up a deficit,” Biden added.

“I don’t want to hear from Republican officials again who heard — who had hundreds of thousands of dollars — even millions of dollars — in pandemic relief loans — the PPP loans — but who now attack the working- and middle-class Americans who are getting relief. And these are members of Congress who received those loans. They didn’t do anything wrong, but they qualified. They qualified for up to, in one case, $2 million,” the President said.

What about the hard-working Americans who either paid off their loans or worked in blue-collar industries? Don’t they get some help?

When the President gets worked up, he can only keep it together for so long before the real Joe comes out. When Joe went to warn Americans about scammers related to student debt, he read out the pronunciations on the teleprompter.

“You’re going to get calls, ‘If you do this, it’ll pay that.  You can get relief.’  That’s fraud,” Biden warned. “If you get any questionable calls, please tell us by going to ReportFraud — ReportFraud — d-o-t — []”



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