Biden’s Hateful Rhetoric Has Already Reaped Bad Consequences, The Attacks Have Started Using His Words


The Democrats continue pushing this country down a slippery slope thanks to the rhetoric spouted by Joe Biden and other party members.

Biden has called MAGA Republicans “semi-fascist,” New York’s unelected Governor Kathy Hochul is demanding Republicans leave her state, and the media infers Republicans are extremists.

Now, GOP offices are being attacked and vandalized using the words of Joe Biden.

In Seminole County, the GOP office was attacked after someone spray-painted the building with the words “eat s*** fascists” with orange spray paint.

From The Hill:

The perpetrators also attempted to use a form of glue-like substance on the locks, State Committeeman Jesse Phillips said.

“We basically had to break into our own office,” he added.

The Seminole County GOP is considering adopting additional safety measures for the office in light of the incident. No potential suspects have been identified, and a police report has been filed.

Phillips slammed the vandalism, saying, “This kind of intimidation of peaceful volunteers is shameful.”

The attacks aren’t just happening in Florida; Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been swatted several times.

Rep. MTG recently shared footage showing the police responding to her home, showing that left-wing extremists are trying to get her killed. The video released by the Georgia Congresswoman shows police cars approaching the home and officers cautiously approaching the door.

From Newsweek:

Greene said it was important to understand the “mindset” of the police at the time because it had been reported that “someone had been shot five times in the chest” in the bathroom of her home.

The officers were looking for “a female with a gun that is threatening to kill herself,” Greene said.

“When I opened the door and greeted the officers and I said what’s, what’s going on? It was their demeanor and just their, like, body language. They were tactical. They had guns drawn. They were prepared for something serious.”

Greene believes that it was “a God thing” that she had a feeling not to answer the door with her gun.

“Because had I have done that we would have been in a whole different scenario because I probably would have been the target and that is the whole purpose of swatting someone,” she said.

“This is what gets people killed. There have been multiple incidences just like this one where police ended up shooting someone because they believed they were responding to a call. And that’s what was happening to me.”

Asked if she believed the person who made the hoax call wanted Greene to get shot, Greene replied: “Absolutely, 100 percent.”

She added: “They wanted me to be murdered. Death by cop. That’s what swatting is and they were doing this in hopes that the police would kill me.”

The Hill | Newsweek


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