Biden Is So Oblivious He Didn’t Realize He Just Attack Himself


Yes, Joe Biden is as dumb as he looks.

Biden is so oblivious to what is going on he just attack his own administration.

Since Biden was inaugurated President the border has been flooded with illegal migrants entering the country. The current administration has done little to stop the flow and it has left migrants prey for illegal smugglers.

Recently, 53 illegal immigrants died after smugglers left them in a tractor-trailer that had broken down in the Texas heat.

The tragedy occurred near Eagle Pass which the Biden administration claims they have “operational control” over. However, a video captured by the Daily Callers Jorge Ventura saw hundreds coming into the United States.

At the time Fox News reporter Bill Melugin posted about the deaths only 46 migrants died sadly the death toll rose to 53 and it is unknown how many illegal immigrants were stuffed in the trailer.

What officials found at the scene was shocking:

According to a law enforcement official, it appears people were trying to jump out of the tractor-trailer because some of the deceased were found along several blocks. The tractor-trailer had a refrigeration system, the official said, but it did not appear to be working. Many of the people found inside the vehicle appeared to have been sprinkled with steak seasoning, the official said, in perhaps an attempt to cover up the smell of people as the smugglers were transporting them.

Authorities said the truck’s doors were partly open when they arrived; a body was outside the vehicle and the rest could be seen inside. The city’s fire chief, Charles Hood, said the survivors did not appear to have access to water and were too weak to exit the truck on their own.

“We’re not supposed to open up a truck and see stacks of bodies in there,” Hood said. “None of us come to work imagining that.”

Twelve adults and four children were taken to hospitals. They were hot to the touch and were suffering from heat exhaustion and heat stroke, but Hood said he was “very hopeful” that they would survive.

In response, Biden attacked his own administration claiming they may need to go after “criminal smuggling.”

Thanks to Biden 53 people lost their lives and that doesn’t include the many that have drowned in the Rio Grande. All Joe Biden has to do is close the border and enforce the laws on the books and this would have happened. Biden has allowed criminals to prey on the weak.




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