Biden Is About To Mandate A New Plan For The Midterms & We Should Thank Him


President Joe Biden continues to run in presidency into the ground and now he’s falling out of touch with his own party.

In a move that only he would think is a good idea, Biden is canvassing the country informing Americans how great the economy is.

As retail sales take a dump and gas prices increase Biden mocks Americans claiming that we “need to take a step back” and understand just how good we have it.

According to Joe our bank accounts are outstanding.

Biden doesn’t feel like he is getting enough credit for his “successes,” so he is sending three of his minions to instruct Congressional Democrats on how they talk about the economy.

Fox News confirmed that three White House officials will speak with the entire Democratic Caucus to discuss “messaging on the economy.” The meeting will focus on a “message strategy” to properly contextualize “fighting inflation and reducing costs for the American people.”

The trip to Congress shows that Biden still doesn’t get it and that the administration thinks his low approval numbers are because of poor messaging.

Americans get the message, and more than Joe or the Democrats in Washington understand. They get the message every time they fill up their vehicles at the pump and when they check out at the grocery store.

We should thank Joe Biden for demanding that Democrats up for re-election canvass the country telling voters to ignore the fact it costs $100 to fill up their vehicle because they are actually doing “very, very well.”



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