Biden Is About To Break A 150 Year Old Record That Will Flush His Admin Down The Drain


President Joe Biden is on his way to breaking a 150-year-old record that will flush what is left of his administration down the toilet.

In 1872 the S&P 500 had its worst year forecasting what was known as the “long depression” which started in 1873 and lasted until 1878.

Of course, the Biden administration thinks it’s funny.

Maybe it’s because the President is a dithering idiot.

A damning new poll seems to agree.

A new Monmouth Poll requested people self-report their political leanings and the data showed it skewed plus five for Democrats.

Nevertheless, in a +5 Democrat poll, 63% of respondents want the Republicans back in charge.

We previously reported that Biden is also making history!

Using data that goes back 90 years President Joe Biden has just made history but he isn’t happy about it.

According to the left-leaning poll firm “The 538” Biden is the most unpopular president in American history up to this point of his term in office.

Not only is he unpopular but members of his own party are sick of his terrible policies.


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