Biden Falls On His Face: Actual Reality Eliminates Admins Propaganda


Since gas prices have started to sky rocket the administration has claimed that our lives would be better if Americans would start purchasing electric cars.

We reported in March of 2022  that, the average price of a new electric vehicle was $55,676 and depending on your local infrastructure you may only be able to charge it at home.

A base model Tesla car travels 267 miles and costs a base price of $45,000 and other models can cost up to over $100,000. AAA has also found that owning an electric vehicle costs an owner an average of $600 more a year than those who own a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

Biden also touted the new Ford Lightening pickup truck that boasted a decent towing capacity.

Originally the For Lightning Pro was supposed to cost around $47,000 but thanks to Bidenflation Ford has warned that the new model will start at $51,974. Other US auto makers like Tesla and Rivian (who in 2020 were selling their EV’s for around $36,000) are also hiking up prices because of the oil market, supply chain issues, and Bidenflation.

On top of the poor economy the Florida State Fire Marshall just issued a warning to Floridan’s that experienced flooding during hurricane Ian. Electric vehicles that were flooded due to the storm surge are exploding. Officials are asking residents to get any electric vehicle that was flooded out of their garage because the batteries are catching fire due to the salt water mixing with the lithium ion batteries.

According to Joe Biden electric cars are going to solve all of our problems but instead they are creating new ones.


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