Biden Blames ‘Election Deniers’ For Pelosi Attack, Seemingly Unaware Of The Hypocrisy


It’s interesting how no one is calling Biden out on his rhetoric against the ‘evil MAGA crowd’ even after a young teen lost his life. It should surprise anyone that no one is calling him out on that rhetoric as he seemingly points the finger at ‘election deniers’ and claimed that they’re the reason that Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked.

Biden made a quick stop with the press to make the following statement:

“I want to make a brief statement about Nancy and Paul Pelosi. You know, I talked to them, he seems to be doing a lot better. It seems like he is going to recover fully. But also, you don’t know for certain, but it looks like this was intended for Nancy. He kept asking ‘Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?’

The generic point I want to make is that, you know, it is one thing to condemn the violence. But you can’t condemn the violence unless you condemn those people who continue to argue the election was not real. That is is being stolen, all the malarkey that is being put out there to undermine democracy.

You can’t just apologize and say the violence. It affects people’s mentality, and how people think, particularly people who are not maybe as stable as other people.

So the talk has to stop. That’s the problem. That’s the problem. You can’t just say you feel badly about the violence and condemn it.

Condemn what produces the violence. And this talk produces the violence.”


The nets are also not addressing Pelosi’s attacker’s immigration status nor noting that he might have been deported if the US’s immigration system wasn’t so insanely tied up with Biden’s border crisis.

David DePape, the 42-year-old illegal immigrant from Canada accused of breaking into the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week and attacking her husband with a hammer, allegedly wanted to hold the congresswoman hostage and threatened to break “her kneecaps” if he caught her lying, according to court documents.

San Francisco police arrived at the home and encountered Paul Pelosi, 82, and DePape struggling over a hammer. After the officers ordered them to drop the weapon, DePape allegedly seized control of it and swung it into Pelosi’s skull.

Erica Carlin is an independent journalist, opinion writer and contributor to several news and opinion sources. She is based in Georgia.

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