Banana Republic: Desperate Dems Begin Probe To Arrest DeSantis


If you can’t beat him, arrest him seems to be the new Democrat party theme.

Liberals lost their minds when two planes carrying illegal immigrants landed in the Democrat haven of Martha’s Vineyard.

Almost immediately, Democrats demanded that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who sent the planes, be arrested.

According to CNN, Attorneys representing more than 30 of the migrants flown to Massachusetts this week are ordering the US Attorney for Massachusetts and the state’s attorney general to open a criminal investigation into the flights.

From CNN:

Lawyers for Civil Rights, which provides free legal support for communities of color and immigrants, criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, calling the flights a “political stunt,” in a press release Saturday.

DeSantis has pushed back on claims that the migrants did not know where they were going, because he said they had signed a waiver and had been provided with a packet including a map of Martha’s Vineyard adding, “It’s obvious that’s where they were going,” and it was all “voluntary.”

US Attorney for Massachusetts Rachael Rollins told the media that she is working with the Justice Department to try and create a case against DeSantis’ actions but doesn’t have enough information to say if he broke any laws. A Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman told reporters that they are reviewing “all information relevant” to the flights.

“We are in touch with our federal and state partners, along with attorneys representing the migrants, as we gather facts and evaluate all legal options,” Chloe Gotsis, spokeswoman for the AG’s office said.

Liberals freaked out after a plane carrying 50 illegal immigrants landed on an island that overwhelmingly voted for Joe Biden, they asked for these types of policies. In just 48 hours, the libs called in the National Guard to dispose of their inconvenience instead of taking a knee and giving up their mansions to house them. Instead of showing Republicans how it’s done, liberals quickly shipped the migrants out of their community and onto a military base (please read with heavy sarcasm).


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