Authorities release frightening footage of man who shot 3 officers by using ‘AK-47 style rifle’



Authorities have released frantic body and dash camera footage of a man who opened fire on law enforcement during a high-speed chase across Carroll County, Georgia, in the early morning hours of April 12, 2021.

The video above shows Villa Rica Police Officer Chase Gordy taking cover and calling for help as the now-dead Pier Shelton, 28, opened fire on him with what authorities described as “an AK-47 style rifle.”

“He’s on my car!” Gordy yelled to dispatch. “He’s on my car!”

Shelton, who had previously shot Carrollton Police Department Sgt. Rob Holloway in the head, struck Grody in the arm and leg.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Troutt and Deputy Jay Repetto went to help Gordy. As seen in the footage, Shelton opened fire on the vehicle. He struck Repetto in the arm.

Pier Shelton wouldn’t live to see the dawn after being killed by law enforcement during the encounter.

Shelton’s cousin, Aaron Shelton, who was driving the vehicle during the chase, survived the incident and faces charges that include felony murder because authorities said he played a key role in the series of events that led to Pier Shelton’s death.

Gordy, Repetto, and Holloway survived the shooting.

Jurors convicted Aaron Shelton, 25, in July and he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus 190 years.

“Regardless of what I’ve been through, you didn’t take anything from me that God didn’t restore,” Holloway told him in court at the time, according to WAGA.

The chase started at 3:30 a.m. that April 12 when Aaron Shelton was speeding down Interstate 20 eastbound in a Nissan Sentra at 111 miles per hour, according to Coweta Judicial Circuit District Attorney John Herbert Cranford Jr.

Trooper Zack Pruitt of the Georgia State Patrol spotted him and tried to pull him over, but Shelton continued to drive at speeds of more than 100 mph.

Pier Shelton was in the passenger seat and fired “an AK-47 style rifle” out the window, disabling Pruitt’s vehicle but not striking him.

Other agencies responded and chased the Sheltons to Highway 61 northbound.

Pier Shelton continued shooting, police said.

A bullet hit Holloway in the head through the windshield of his patrol car, causing him to crash into a utility pole.

Aaron Shelton turned off Highway 61 as he approached the city of Villa Rica. There, Pier Shelton shot Gordy in the arm and leg.

Troutt and Repetto went to help Gordy. Pier Shelton shot Repetto in the arm as they did so.

“Both deputies returned fire, striking and killing Pier Shelton. Aaron Shelton continued to flee on foot northbound and ultimately hid in the woods,” Cranford said. “GSP’s aviation unit assisted in locating Aaron Shelton, and he was apprehended by members of the GSP’s SWAT team.”

“This incident, I blessed to say, the good guys won, and we came back home to our families,” Gordy reportedly said in court in July. “God himself was watching over all of us that night.”

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