Attempted Seattle Home Invasion Proves Again – Why You Need More Than 10 Rounds [VIDEO]


You’ve probably heard it dozens of times. Nobody requires more than ten rounds in a magazine. You’re doing something wrong if you can’t stop a threat with 10 shots. Woolly-headed utopian anti-gun advocates rationalize the restrictions they wish to impose on all gun owners as some kind of safety precaution that might, sometime, somewhere, slow down a spree killer who chooses to obey a gun control law while murdering people.

Joe Biden went so far as to say that 100 rounds in a chamber is insane—whatever that implies.

As evidenced by a recent 2:00 a.m. home invasion attempt by three armed individuals in a south Seattle suburb, there are numerous personal defense scenarios in which a regular capacity magazine with more than ten rounds comes in extremely handy.

From the Auburn, Washington police department:

Security footage from the home showed three masked men carrying guns announcing themselves as “Seattle Police” before trying to kick in the door. The homeowner was armed and quickly started firing shots at the intruders through the door. After multiple shots were fired, the three suspects fled.

We don’t recommend utilizing the Biden-approved approach of firing through the door, as the homeowner appears to have done here. While it may be justifiable in some cases, depending on what the local prosecutor had for breakfast that morning, it’s not something you want to rely on.

The three home intruders weren’t convinced to stop their attack until they kicked the door open and the armed defense shot back when one of them started raising his rifle

The homeowner fired 14 or 15 shots, according to our count. In 2022, Washington Democrats established a 10-round magazine capacity limit.

Because, you know, common sense gun reform…or something.

Early Thursday morning, the three police-impersonating thugs could not be found for comment on whether Washington’s gun control law influenced their weapon selection. It did not limit the homeowner (current owners of standard capacity magazines were grandfathered in when the size limit was enacted).

Gun control is lethal. It restricts or prevents law-abiding persons from defending themselves against those who would prey on them…people who don’t care about gun control laws. Fortunately, such wasn’t the case here, due to Olympia’s brilliant minds, who, if they had their way, would have restricted their victim’s capacity to respond in a potentially life-threatening circumstance.






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