ATF Has Made Sim Rounds For Law Enforcement & Military Only….


Well, here we go again.

Another decision handed down by the ATF that makes absolutely no sense at all.

However, when has the ATF made sense to begin with?

The question that I am asking myself is what possible rationalization does the BATFE have for restricting non/less lethal munitions intended for TRAINING?

Does anyone have an answer to that?

My next question is, do they even have the authority to do that?

Whether or not if they have the authority to do it, they did it.

Check it out:

After this was posted, I have seen people say that they never liked UTM.

One person posted, that UTM has always been more inclined to offer training aids to Big Brother while telling civilians to pound sand regardless of unconstitutional mandates.

In all honesty, I don’t disagree with that sentiment at all.

The ATF is acting like a rogue agency again and that is not surprising.

However, what makes it even more disheartening is how easily UTM rolled over. They didn’t even say they would try to fight it at all.

If anything they should have responded with “Fine we’ll stop selling to everyone then, including law enforcement and the military.

In my opinion, if this company actually supported the 2A, they would immediately cease all sales to the ATF and other federal agencies.



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