As The Lights Go Out In Cali, ‘Flatten the Curve’ & Other COVID Type Restrictions Are Rearing Their Ugly Heads (VIDEO)


The lights are going out in California because power companies are unable to keep the lights on during heat waves.

On September 6, 2022, California authorities warned residents of “possible outages” due to an ongoing heat wave.

The announcement was one step below Level 3, which would cause rolling blackouts across the state.

Shortly after the warning, a Level 3 was declared, and the Bay area experience blackouts.

The power grid in California is failing because too much of their energy is coming from renewable energy that isn’t cutting the mustard.

As the power crisis looms in California, Europe is in a debacle.

The entire continent has been cut off because of the war in Ukraine, and heading into winter, governments are proposing a “mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours” to “flatten the curve.”

Energy costs in Europe have skyrocketed so high that businesses are considering closing their doors for good because they cannot afford to keep the lights on. The German economic minister recently said businesses might just have to shut down for a while.

Other German officials proposed to reopen a nuclear power plant to stop the crisis, but Minister Habeck turned it down.

This sounds so familiar (sarcasm).


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