As Biden Rants New Economic Numbers Come In Crushing His Administration


While the president demonized people that do not agree with him he claimed that the economy is growing and things are getting back to normal.

Well, the unemployment numbers came in, and they are bad. In the month of August, it rose to 3.7%, and it is expected to get worse. The White House had projected that if they created 300,000 new jobs, unemployment would stay at 3.5%.

The numbers came in the same day retailer Bed Bath & Beyond announced they are going to be closing stores and laying off employees.

Even CNBC is warning -without saying it – that we are headed into a deep recession while our president claims it doesn’t exist.

When discussing the economy, Biden forgot who his own commerce secretary was:

What may be the most concerning is that the August report showed that 1.9 million Americans have still not reentered the workforce after their employer closed or lost business due to Biden’s draconian COVID policy in 2021.


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