Armed Good Samaritan Stops Child Abduction Outside Walmart!


In a Walmart parking lot in Warner Robins, Georgia a 67-year-old man forcefully took a child out of a car and whisked the child into the woods behind the store.

Thankfully, a good guy with a gun saw the horrific crime in progress and interrupted the bad guy as police say he tried to strangle the child.

It happened in the early afternoon on Sunday. Police say 67-year-old Haimnarine Doobay threw the juvenile to the ground and began choking the child. A good guy with a gun interrupted the attack and held Doobay at gunpoint until 5-0 could arrive.


Police were happy to apply the bracelets and lead Doobay to the local lockup.

From the Warner Robins PD Facebook page:

Kudos to the good Samaritan who used the proper amount of force to stop an attack on an obviously defenseless victim.

We all know that using deadly force to defend an innocent third party from death or great bodily injury poses a lot of potential downsides for would-be good Samaritans. However, seeing someone grab a young child and strangle them seems like one of those scenarios where even low-information types can understand that the use of force is both righteous and justified. Not to mention laudable.

Be careful out there and stay safe.



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