AP Humiliated: Video Busts Leftist ‘Fact Checker’ Forced To Delete Fake News Report About DeSantis


The liberal fact-checkers really thought they had Florida Governor Ron DeSantis right where they wanted him.

On October 6, 2022, the Associated Press posted a story on social media that claimed the residents of Pine Island, Florida, had been abandoned by the governor because hurricane Ian destroyed the bridge to the mainland.

The piece was written by Associated Press reporter Amy Forliti who works in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and hasn’t stepped foot in South Florida since the hurricane.

“Following Hurricane Ian’s destruction, many residents on Florida’s Pine Island have stayed put for days without electricity and the resources while hoping the lone bridge to the mainland is repaired,” the Associated Press reported.

There was just one problem…the bridge had been repaired and islanders had access to the mainland a full day before the AP posted the story.

If the AP weren’t a liberal propaganda machine, they would have known that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis posted a video of supplies crossing the newly constructed temporary bridge to help the people of Pine Island.

The report was so embarrassing that the AP deleted the post.

DeSantis is now focused on getting the causeway fixed so more aid can help the recovery at Sanibel Island.


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