AOC’s Mask Comes Off During Rant Exposing What Abortion Is Really All About


Not only is it gross, but it’s also sad that other people feel this way about other humans.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez appeared on Meet the Press and said that if women have babies it “will kill them.”

Anchor Chuck Todd said, “I want to get your reaction to the governor of Arkansas, especially specifically to this issue of, it is that he is comfortable with the government essentially forcing a woman to carry out her pregnancy.”

Ocasio-Cortez said, “Naturally, I couldn’t disagree more with Governor Hutchinson but what’s important is honing in on this idea that the governor and the Republican Party and frankly, the Republican legislature in Arkansas cares about the life of a woman, life of a mother. The state of Arkansas has the third-highest maternal mortality in the United States. Seventy-one percent of the women who die are black women as well. This is a state that has 26% child poverty, where one in four children are living in poverty in the state of Arkansas, and forcing women to carry pregnancies against their will kill them. It will kill them, especially in the state of Arkansas, where there is very little to no support for life after birth in terms of health care, in terms of child care, and in terms of combatting poverty. This decision and this policy will kill people no matter what their spin and what their talking points are, and that’s what the data shows, and that’s what the specifics show.”

AOC drops the mask when she argues that since the kids would be poor they should probably be aborted. How about instead we create a free market where the poor are able to rise up and work?

AOC also wants her party purged of all pro-lifers.


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