Antifa Went After An Old Man, But They Had No Idea He Was Ready For Them….


In Salem, Oregon an elderly man pulled a gun on a number of Antifa protesters who vandalized his truck, breaking out windows and spraying paint on his windshield. But police arrested him while seemingly ignoring the antagonists.

Members of the anarcho-communist group assaulted people with pro-Trump and pro-law enforcement flags driving by the Capitol in Salem. At one point, the crowd lobbed a rock directly at a driver, shattering his driver’s side window.

Some of the group flew Antifa flags; the vast majority donned gear favored by the network, including all-black clothing and items to obscure their faces from being identified by law enforcement.

Approximately 100 such individuals, armed with weapons such as guns, bats, and shields, arrived on the Capitol mall grounds shortly before noon, according to the Salem Police Department. A police tweet described the group as “heavily armed.”

Antifa members broke out the truck’s taillights, broke at least one window, and sprayed paint across the windshield. The driver proceeded to get out of the vehicle. He was open-carrying and when he saw what they had done and realized they were threatening him with pepper spray and batons, he pulled his gun and told them to get away from him.

The attackers backed off fast with one hiding behind a tree. They spewed expletives at the man, repeatedly threatening him. When he saw the police and they ordered him to drop his weapon, the man tossed his gun into the bed of his pickup, put up his hands, and got down on the ground to show he wasn’t a threat to the officers.

The police were quick to cuff and arrest the man but they apparently did nothing about the Antifa mob that attacked his truck.

The protesters were shouting their glee at his arrest and cheerfully referred to each other as “comrades.” They called the man a “Proud Boy” and a “Nazi” according to video footage from the scene.

According to AWM:

Police have still investigated the incident and have not yet charged the Trump supporter. However, this incident was just one of many tense fights between leftist and right-wing protestors gathered at the Oregon State Capitol grounds.

According to reports, at least three people were arrested during the tense protest in Salem. Those who were arrested included 34-year-old Andrew Alan Foy, who faces charges of second-degree disorderly conduct as well as second-degree criminal trespass. Thirty-three-year-old Nathan McFarland was also arrested on charges of second-degree disorderly conduct. Eighteen-year-old Anthony Villaneda was charged with five counts of pointing a laser pointer.

“The risk of violence has increased as the opposing protestors are expected to arrive in large numbers,” Salem officials tweeted. “We have received reports that vehicles driving past the capitol are being struck with balloons filled with paint and green lasers being pointed at drivers. If (possible), avoid traveling (through) streets around the capitol mall. Anyone observing criminal behavior should immediately move to a safe location & call 911.”

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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