Another Liberal News Network Is On The Verge Of Collapse


Another major liberal news network is in shambles.

MSNBC is taking a beating in the rankings now that host Rachel Maddow only does a prime-time show once a week.

Alex Wagner has taken her time slot and only averages 1.6 million viewers a night. Below is what Wagner had to say before he took over Maddow’s spot:

“I want to garner the largest audience we can, and I want to do that by putting a really quality show on the air.”

“I have no intention of ignoring what’s happening to Asian American people in this country … My mother, who is 78 years old, doesn’t feel comfortable walking down the street in the swing district where she lives. And that’s a problem for not just me, but for our society, that people feel like they could just be pushed onto a train track or off of a subway platform because of the way that they look.”

On the flip side, Greg Gutfeld, Fox News, is being crowned the “King of Late Night” topping Colbert, Kimmel, and Fallon.

Gutfeld’s late-night show on Fox News is the first cable program that is the “most-watched” late-night show to beat CBS, ABC, and NBC.

According to Fox News:

Gutfeld’s Gutfeld! averaged “2.19 million viewers to defeat CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which averaged 2.15 viewers,” marking the first month since January 2017 that the left-wing comedian did not finish at Number 1 in late-night television between broadcast and cable. In the month of August, Gutfeld! also outpaced ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, NBC’s Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

Even CNN’s most-watched show Anderson Cooper 360 fell behind King Gutfeld, pulling in a meager average of 950,000 nightly views.

On the demographics front, Gutfeld! also pulled in an average of 358,000 in the much-coveted 25-54 age bracket, outpacing Tucker Carlson TonightHannity, and The Five.


MSNBC and CNN aren’t the only left-wing institutions struggling, so is the Washington Post.

The Post is considering laying off about 10% of its newsroom due to a profit decline. Even though the paper denies it will be shrinking in size, the paper has been bleeding subscribers since Trump left office.




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