An Uninvited Wedding Guest Showed Up To The Reception And Began Stealing Gifts From…


You’ve spent weeks preparing for your perfect wedding, attending open days, and narrowing down your options by capacity, theme, and cost, and after how many preparations, you finally have your dream wedding. As you are marrying the love of your life all of your friends and family are gathered in one spot to help you celebrate.

The last thing on your mind should be the threat of your wedding gifts being stolen from a wedding crasher or worse yet, an invited wedding guest.  Unfortunately, snatching gifts is easier than you may think, and it is becoming more common in today’s society.

It was supposed to be the happiest day of Madison and John Sacharcyzk’s lives. As they finally exchange their vows in front of their beloved family and friends, however, little did they know that there is something horrible had happened; when an unnamed woman – a wedding crasher broke into their ceremony and hurried toward the gift table. Minutes later, she then started stealing gifts from the newlyweds at their wedding. And the shocking site was all captured by the wedding venue’s security cameras!

On their wedding day, the Sacharcyzks, however, are not the only couple who has had wedding gifts go missing. Because another couple was also robbed on their wedding day, the couple Lee and Anna, who live in a different state than the Sacharcyzks, recalled the incident, in which they claimed that many of their credit cards, many of which contained cash or checks were stolen.

In the video, a lone woman, whom they had not invited and did not know, was “prowling” through their gifts, looking for anything to steal. As Lee and Anna quickly identified the perpetrator after receiving the security footage from their church and as the woman left the celebration, she also looked through the entire church for wallets and purses that she could empty and take with her.

But that’s not all because the thieving wedding crasher has preyed on more than just these two couples.

From numerous couples across several states, this wedding crasher has been found stealing. Since then, Inside Edition has published a report on this wedding crasher and a thief.

Someone took $300 from a pocketbook while Madison and Drew were getting married in yet another state. The same middle-aged woman was seen skulking around the area looking for items to take with her on security footage that they also received from their church.

In the YouTube comments section, more than 1,400 people expressed their opinions and responses to this shocking story. Here are some comments from folks online:

“It takes a disgusting and vile person to crash someone’s wedding, let alone steal their wedding gifts. I hope they catch the dirtbag.”

“She knows better than to go to a black or  Hispanic wedding because she would be bombarded with questions.”

“I feel bad for them. They were waiting so long for this day, and it gets ruined.”

 “It is such a low human being who steals gifts from a grave and a wedding! If that has been you.  Please live a higher form of life on this planet!  We need better humans here!”

“This is why we always have a ‘gift table guard’ on post at all times. Be it your cousin, your sister, your aunt …SOMEONE is on guard at ALL times!!!”

Even a viewer who relayed a similar account of what transpired to a friend, saying, “The wedding planner of our friend was doing a giant scheme like this. Stealing gifts. She got busted big time.”

A similar had also happened at a funeral, with another viewer that said,It happened at my Mama’s funeral! (Not the same woman) But someone stole cards with cash. How can someone be so low down?!”

Watch the video below for more details:

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