An Even Bigger Shake Up Is About To Happen At CNN Stelter Isn’t The Only One Getting Booted


Brian Stelter, now former CNN host of “Reliable Sources,” is the first network personality to be fired by Discovery which recently took ownership.

Discovery has stressed that they want to turn CNN back into a hard news nonpartisan network that is not a mouthpiece for the Democratic party. According to sources, Stelter was let go first because “he was seen as working against current management’s goals. Leaking, stirring disatisfaction internally.” One CNN source went on to say “He started believing he was the only thing between ‘democracy’ and anarchy.”

Media reporter Jon Nicosia – who seems to have the ear of the brass at Discovery – also reported that the “final ‘stay or go’ list hasn’t been finalized” and that “more names are being added.”

Those names include Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, John Berman, Alisyn Camerota, John Kin, and Brianna Keilar.

Discovery is trying to eliminate the toxic environment former boss Jeff Zucker created and weed out his generals. Insiders that left CNN in 2019 reported that Jake Tapper was one of his lackeys.

“Jeff Zucker runs the show,” CNN media coordinator Christian Sierra is heard telling Project Veritas’s undercover journalist. “He will personally go into the control room and if Jake Tapper is interviewing Kellyanne Conway — I mean, one time during that interview and he was like ‘keep going and keep going.’”

An interesting name that hasn’t been brought up yet is White House Correspondent Kaitlen Collins, who rose to fame thanks to former President Trump.

Collins came up through the ranks at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller and, after the 2016 presidential election, became the conservative outlets White House correspondent. The former “conservative” then jumped ship to CNN six months into the Trump administration after being personally recruited by Zucker.

Collins then became an activist just like her buddy Jim Acosta.

It will be curious to see what happens with Collins, but one this is for sure, a massive upheaval is about to sweep through the network.



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