ALERT: Elon Musk Has Suspended Kanye West, And His Statement After….


After tweeting an apparent logo for a long-shot presidential campaign that showed a Nazi swastika inside a Jewish Star of David, rapper Kanye “Ye” West was kicked off from the social media platform by Twitter CEO Elon Musk Thursday night.

It was when during an interview with Alex Jones on Infowars earlier in the day, the decision then comes after West repeatedly praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

In addition to claiming that everyone, including Hitler, “has something of value to offer,” that the Nazis “did good things,” that people should “stop constantly dissing the Nazis,” that Hitler “didn’t kill 6 million Jews,” that “the Holocaust is not what happened,” and that he “like[s] Hitler,” West also claimed that he saw “good things about Hitler.”

Ben Shapiro, the founding editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” was the subject of anti-Semitic “jokes” that West read aloud during the interview.

Writing “YE24” as a caption, the 45-year-old continued his rant online. He tweeted an image of a Nazi swastika inside a Jewish Star of David.

Well everyone, we had a nice run,” West also tweeted. Acknowledging that he was about to be banned.

In which West apologized to Musk for going too far with his tweet that contained the Nazi swastika inside a Jewish Star of David, as Musk says, Sorry, but you have gone too far. This is not love.” The tweet included screenshots of a text message exchange between West and Musk.

“Who made you the judge[?]” West responded to Musk.

With a caption, West’s last tweet,Let’s always remember this as my final tweet #ye24.” As Elon Musk was shown being hosed down by someone.

In which Musk responded to the tweet, “That is fine,” adding, “Just clarifying that his account is being suspended for incitement to violence, not an unflattering pic of me being hosed by Ari.”

Musk continued saying, “Frankly, I found those pics to be helpful motivation to lose weight!”

Musk claimed that “he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended,” despite trying his best to help West.

“FAFO,” which is code for “F*** around and find out,” a 1-word statement that Musk issued, following his decision to suspend West.

When West tweeted that he wanted to “go death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” his account was suspended back in October. West added, “I stand by Balenciaga and denounce all witch hunts and I cancel cancel culture,” in defense of the fashion house, which has been linked to a scandal involving a child photo session. Adding, Ending trafficking doesn’t start or end with a fashion campaign for Christ Sake.”

Upending many of his business pursuits, West’s remarks on Thursday regarding Hitler and the Nazis follow a series of anti-Semitic remarks that he has made in recent weeks.

Some of the anti-Semitic statements Kanye West has made include saying that his kids could learn “financial engineering” in a Jewish school, blaming “Jewish Zionists” for his problems, attributing the breakdown of his marriage to Kim Kardashian to the “Zionist media handlers surrounding her,” attributing his mental health diagnosis to a Jew, and listing the Jews he believes to be in charge of the media.’

Sources: Dailywire, MSN, BBC

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